Other Ways to make Money …when you’re not doing the job of your dreams.

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You may be finding it hard to pay your bills right now, in addition to putting your heart and soul into auditioning for a part in a movie, play or commercial.

You may be so despondent that you actually want to give up on your dreams.

This would tragic. The most regretful thing you could ever do.

Remember, all great actors passed through the same route that you are currently passing through. The trials and tribulations only last for a short period. All you need to do now is to keep hope alive and find some way of paying your bills.

Here are a couple of fun and creative ways to pay your bills without thinking about giving up on your dreams.

You can become a waiter at a local restaurant.

Many performers have waited tables before they got their big break. This job doesn’t take much of your time and work is easily available. You can ask your work colleagues to cover for you while you are out on audition and then return the favor later on. This job keeps you fit, allows you to practice your communication and people skills and gives you an opportunity to study characters. Not to mention the few nibbles you can score from the kindly chef!

You should try out house sitting jobs.

These jobs are the perfect opportunity for you since they offer accommodation in addition to being paid. You won’t need to worry about where you are going to sleep or how much rent you are going to pay. Moreover, your morning and afternoon schedule is clear. You can actually do some other work such as online affiliate marketing and still get time to visit casting directors and go for auditions.

You can look for companion jobs.

These jobs are not only paying jobs but they are also fulfilling. You get to work with the elderly and do some good in the world. These jobs mainly come about because there are  many in  our constantly aging population who do not have young people to take care of them. Your future fans and followers will surely love to hear that you were part of taking care of our elderly… even if it was a job. It’s a humble and noble job to have.

You can go for a childcare job.

These jobs can pay just as well as being a waiter or even more depending on the household you are working in. You need to offer your childcare services to high-end couples who do not have much time to look after their kids. Usually, such families are very apprehensive about just hiring any babysitter and so your specialized services might come in handy. However, you have to earn the trust of these families before they can let you into their home to take care of their kids.

You’ve got to have money, friends, and experience ….so get a job that combines all three.

You’ll be a richer performer….in many ways.