Video Basics- putting your ugly mug out there on You Tube.

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How To Make A Memorable Youtube Video

Who isn’t on YouTube these days?

Since this website became immensely popular among social media, it’s thrived and gained millions of users. If you’ve never made a video for YouTube it’s not very hard. They can even make you some good hard cash!

Do you want to be in a video?

Maybe you’ve never even considered creating a YouTube video. Maybe you’re shy, have nothing interesting to talk about, don’t want to be publicized, or you secretly think you’re a loser who doesn’t want to bore the world with your life! If you’re too scared to publish a YouTube video, that’s ok but you are missing out on the fun!  However,for those looking to be on YouTube, here’s how to make a YouTube video.

 Decide on your Topic

What is your video going to be about? Some of the strangest videos have gone viral and gained massive attention, without intending to do so. Of course, prank videos with someone laying in bed and waking up to a naked behind looming over them, is something to laugh at, and will no doubt gain viewers. YouTube has everything you can think of except porn, but there are those who have tried. Several videos have been labeled “porn,” and when you click on them, it’s some uploaded video advertising a website about something completely different, but it worked to gain attention and clicks!

 Make plans

If you know what type of video you want to upload, you have started on your way to getting onto YouTube. Make plans for the video if it includes several people.

If you like to dance or sing, and want to show off what you can do, this can be a solo project, so no help is needed. Maybe you want to do a skit, and show your acting talent. Maybe you sing, and you want to be discovered, like the Canadian-born singer who’s in trouble every five seconds, and splashed all over the news regularly! No matter what video you want to create, YouTube can help to make you standout.

 Humor works… does being unique

If you’re doing a video to be recognized, it’s always best to add some humor or something unique. One concept that was a hit on YouTube was the one where we saw babies tasting lemon for the first time. The facial expressions of kids getting that sour taste in their mouth was priceless.

Bossy kids can also be an attention grabber. Like that five-year-old boy who told his mother in so many words; she didn’t need anymore kids because she already had two! Hilarious! The options of YouTube uploads are literally endless.


Once you have your content and create a video, uploading is incredibly easy. You can upload via any mobile device, or through your PC. There may be some edits that need to be made to the video, but it’s completely up to you. Although you can disable comments, feedback may help you to create better videos in the future. For those who don’t have leather skin, be prepared for some personal attacks by anyone on the website. Usually, criticism comes from those who sit at their computer all day, and have no life, so they make fun of yours! Don’t let them get you down, and think that you can’t dance, sing, act, or tell jokes. Upload your YouTube video and see what possibilities lie ahead!