What you really need to know about Domain Names

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Having a Domain Name

1. Identifies you

2. Helps you get found

3. Place to put your website

4. Part of your Branding

5. Your address on the web

6. Your store front

7 .An asset and investment

8. Protects your turf

Hey Showbiz Fan….because you’re here on this site looking for domain names, we reckon you have a pretty good idea what a domain name is…however…if you’d like a little more techie insight…here you go…


A domain name is your address on the web. Underlying each domain name is a number called an IP address. These numbers look something like this: Computers all around the world are identified to each other by these numbers. That’s how they contact each other and how you get found. Remembering numbers would drive you nuts, so we humans use names instead. Pretty simple really.