How to quickly get a website up and running…and making you a STAR!

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Once you have your new Showbiz Domain Name, you’re going to want to get your website up on it. So how do you set about doing it?

It’s pretty easy really.

In order to transfer the name you would have set up an account with a domain name registration company, such as   2 (4)    or   1 (2)

( or any one of your choice for that matter.)

Most registrars offer all sorts of additional services, such as hosting, email, forwarding and masking (hiding your ownership details from prying eyes)….even templates to help you quickly design your website. You can buy any of these services separately to suit your specific requirements.

As a Showbiz Person you’ll have some pretty specific requirements. Mostly around uploading and displaying media….photos…video…audio and such. So you’ll want to make sure you have a website designed to suit you. We recommend a fantastic website making gang who will whip you up the most beautiful site at a bargain price.

Look no further than They do great sites for Actors and Techies too….Check them out.

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