8 great ways to Promote yourself.

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You can’t just sit around hoping to be discovered. You need to proactively go out there and share your talents with others…..Tell them about yourself and your ideas.  You need to create your own opportunities to show them what you can do for them, and the contribution you can make to their production.

Here are 8 great ways to get yourself known.


1. Social Media

Twitter and Facebook are the famous social media sites now, but you may want to invade Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and others as well. Make sure that your social media group or page uses your name.

You may even add a tag that indicates that it is your official site to draw fans into your site and not to duplicate sites.

Take time to build your followers. You can do this fast by advertising your site or by buying followers. This may sound lame but it actually works at attracting more fans. If internet users see that you have a huge number of followers, their tendency is to follow you too to go with the trend.

Once you have built your fan network, make sure that you communicate with them constantly and sincerely. Say hello to your followers and post interesting updates about your work. If they feel that you value them, they will value you too. Make yourself interesting.

2. Blogging

Get out your pen and paper or trusty laptop and start writing! Anything will do…just START!  You’ll be amazed at how soon you’ll start attracting fans. Just like in showbiz…some will love you and some will leave you…but most will pay attention to you …at least for awhile.

So find something you’re passionate about and write, write write.

3. Send out flyers or postcards

Because almost everyone communicates via email these days, it’s a real treat to receive something in the old-fashioned snail mailbox. Especially if you have addressed it by hand.

In advertising, repetition is everything… repetition is everything… repetition is EVERYTHING!   So send out  a series of missives…over time.  And then follow up.

4. Help someone

Get yourself some good karma by helping out another soul. Good deeds make you feel fantastic and add a little bit of much-needed love into this world. Pay it forward. And trust that, one day, the Universe will look after you too.

5. Create an Online Presence

Not all showbiz people are popular. In fact, most actors are still struggling to have their big break, which they hope will propel them to stardom. In the meantime, they are satisfied by playing bit roles in the hope that their craft will be noticed.

If you are one of these hopeful actors waiting for your big break, you can get busy right now on maximizing your online presence while waiting for that big role. Being popular online is a great way to attract attention. This goes not just for new actors, but also for veterans. Make a YouTube video,write a blog,contribute to an online community. There are some great ones out there for all avenues of showbiz. Get your fingers googling.

6. Create your own website.

Fill your website with a brief biography and a list of your achievements. Including attractive images of you portraying different roles would also help fans appreciate your craft.

To have an online presence, you need to have an online address. The problem right now is that popular names of showbiz people are often already taken, so you may have to buy them from the current owners of that domain or tweak the domain name. For instance, if your name is John Smith and is not available, you can opt for john-smith or john_smith.Better still…you can buy a Showbiz Domain name from us…and ….

7. …Be famous for what you do.

Remember that you are building your online presence to help your career in show business. Therefore, ensure that your posts on your online sites are related to your work. For example, emphasize in your biography how you learned your craft and how you continue to improve it. If you are specifically a stage actor, list down all the plays you have been involved in. Build that resume. Even directors visit these online sites when they are researching about their prospective talents and they would definitely want to know what you have to offer.

8. Get listed.

There are online directories for showbiz people. One example is This site often tops search engine result pages, so it is highly beneficial for you to be included there. If you are already in their list, make sure that the information they have provided about you is correct and you may add more details to make your profile more interesting.

With these simple steps, you can slowly build your online presence. You will later realize that your popularity online can greatly help in making you a star in your craft.