8 great ways to Promote yourself.

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You can’t just sit around hoping to be discovered. You need to proactively go out there and share your talents with others…..Tell them about yourself and your ideas.  You need to create your own opportunities to show them what you can do for them, and the contribution you can make to their production. Here are 8 great ways to get …


What you really need to know about Domain Names

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Having a Domain Name 1. Identifies you 2. Helps you get found 3. Place to put your website 4. Part of your Branding 5. Your address on the web 6. Your store front 7 .An asset and investment 8. Protects your turf Hey Showbiz Fan….because you’re here on this site looking for domain names, we reckon you have a pretty …


Video Basics- putting your ugly mug out there on You Tube.

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How To Make A Memorable Youtube Video Who isn’t on YouTube these days? Since this website became immensely popular among social media, it’s thrived and gained millions of users. If you’ve never made a video for YouTube it’s not very hard. They can even make you some good hard cash! Do you want to be in a video? Maybe you’ve …


Ethical Hackers- who are these dudes anyway?

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By KD – Indian security expert.Hackers5. Hackers! Who are these guys? Hacking is not limited to just computers. Infact, it was never for computers. Hacking refers to genetic mutations, phone tapping, etc. But we will stick to discussing the computer hackers who live amongst us. Types of Hackers There are many types of hackers…. The one who seeks after knowledge, …


What a good Website looks like….

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  Today, almost anything and everything is on the internet. Websites are becoming more overcrowded each day making it almost impossible to get noticed. However, by following a few guidelines on how to design, you can learn how to design a wonderful website that will attract the traffic you want. Designing a website is more of an art than science …