About Us

All of us here at ShowbizDomains.com are involved in showbiz and we strongly believe that our colleagues in the entertainment industry deserve access to the best names available in the industry today. We originally started out with the idea of setting up a massive showbiz email service. A place where you and your friends could obtain a great email address to promote yourself and your career. Unfortunately that great dot.com idea bombed, so we have decided to release the names back into the market so you can once again make use of them. Be you an independent producer, a movie star, a lighting designer, a director or a performer, you know that it's vital to be easily accessible when the work comes in. Having an instantly "memorable" and descriptive domain name will help you stay in the mind and ahead of the pack. If you are in the FILM, TELEVISION, THEATRE, MUSIC or MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING or COACHING industries we quite possibly have just the name that's right for you. The domain names we have are mostly generic. That means, when you own the name, you own the category. Invest wisely in your future, now. You'll be glad you did.




Our Production Office is in North Sydney, Australia and our trusty Showbiz Team is comprised of famous actors, hasbeens and intrepid accountants. You're always welcome on our set! Just give us a call and we'll see you on the casting couch sometime soon.


All the best !  and remember ........"Be famous for what you do!"

Jay, Matt, JJ, Snowie, Digger, Annie et al